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'Ikpeazụ Ikpeazụ' Onye Okike Jeffrey Reddick ga-eduzi 'Ezigbo Onye Sameria'

by Waylon Jordan
Good Samaritan Jeffrey Reddick

Jeffrey Reddick ga-eme ka ya directorial mpụta mbụ na Good Samaritan.

Reddick, who also wrote the script, will executive produce the film under the banner of Hood River Entertainment alongside Gagan Lakhmna, Darryl Gariglio, Soto, Giles Daoust,  and Catherine Dumonceaux. Andrew van den Houten, Andy Steinman, Roman Dent and Ashleigh Snead will serve as producers on the film according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film’s ensemble cast will consist of Kourtney Bell (Ọ Na-eso), Will Stout (Barnlọ Mmanya), Damon Lipari (The Guardian), and Han Soto (Onye nkwusa) na ndị ọzọ.

Ezigbo onye Sameria centers on a group of people who witness but do not intervene as a man is fatally assaulted in a park. Soon, each witness finds their own lives in peril as they are stalked and killed by someone or ihe.

Reddick caught the public eye when his first produced screenplay Njedebe Ikpeazụ captured the imagination of horror audiences. It spawned a franchise that made us all just a little paranoid every time we tripped over our own feet or found ourselves on the highway behind a logging truck.

Reddick followed that film up writing the first sequel before going on to create TamaraNwụrụ Anwụ Teta, na Ọchịchọ Ikpeazụ which debuted earlier this year. He also worked as a story editor on the second season of Etiti abalị, Texas.

iHorror will definitely be following his directorial debut and we’ll keep you posted on all of the details as they become available.

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